Scooter Rental Basics

Scooter rental can be a fun and economical way of getting around, instead of renting a car or making use of taxis. If you are travelling to any of the island countries you will notice many people using scooters, especially tourists. However, scooters for hire are not for everyone and you need to know what to look for before renting. Scooter hire knowledge will help you wherever you plan to travel. Charges differ greatly from country to country and asking your hotel concierge for scooter hire companies will help. South eastern countries will charge you about $6 a day which is a great price for touring the countryside.

When selecting your bike at the scooter rental company you need to check your ignition and brakes to make sure they are in good working order. Tires should be fully inflated and your night and indicator lights must also turn on. Note any damage you find by making a diagram on paper before you take your scooter. Your primary concern is keeping the tank filled. Bottles of gas can be purchased almost anywhere. If you experience any starter issues on your test run, take the bike straight back. Don’t allow the fuel tank to get too low or you may find yourself pushing a scooter for a long distance.

All bikes are more sensitive to road quality than vehicles. Watch out for potholes as these are considerably more dangerous to bikers than drivers of cars. Bikes crash far more easily and dirt roads can cause instability that may make your bike swerve and slide. Approach these with extreme caution. If you are a beginner to scooter rental, only one person per bike is recommended. Climbing hills can be extremely difficult with two individuals seated on a single bike. Scooters are far easier to control and remain more stable with only one person on board. Spending a little more on two bikes will be well worth it.